Manta Ray Hybrid Posi-Lok 2pc Paddle - OMTC
Manta Ray Hybrid Posi-Lok 2pc Paddle - OMTC
Manta Ray Hybrid Posi-Lok 2pc Paddle - OMTC
Manta Ray Hybrid Posi-Lok 2pc Paddle - OMTC

Manta Ray Hybrid Posi-Lok 2pc Paddle

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High-angle horsepower for more control and heavily loaded boats with the industry's best ferrule.




  • Redesigned, stronger blade. The new blade shape provides a smoother forward stroke with less chances for flutter, stiffer feel, and quieter entry and exit. The upgraded fiberglass + nylon blade material is stronger (meaning less flex) and thicker, making it more durable and robust long-term.
  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades are designed for forgiveness and just the right amount of flex, keeping the kayak moving efficiently even with extra gear slowing you down. 
  • 102.5 sq. inch blade it the ideal size for quick boat maneuverability, while the sharp dihedral provides a silky-smooth forward stroke with zero tolerance for fluttering, preserving your energy for longer paddling trips.
  • The traditional “oversized” blade design provides better horsepower and control, most commonly associated with high-angle forward strokes and those doing flatwater kayaking, packrafting, racing, and kayak fishing.
  • 100% carbon shaft is the lightest material available, so paddling is less fatiguing and more enjoyable on longer trips. The carbon weave is tight and secure, making it one of the strongest options available.
  • The shaft is ovalized where the hands go for more comfort and control, and to limit the chances for blisters.
  • The Posi-Lok™ ferrule is the gold-standard in paddlesports today, known for the secure fit, simplicity, and longevity. Paddlers enjoy the quick, intuitive ability to adjust the blade offset in 15-degree increments depending on wind and other paddling conditions. The carbon ferrule offers a robust solution that can last years to come.
  • Carbon ferrule insert is light, tight, and right for the long haul. This is a sizable upgrade over plastic or glass ferrule inserts.
  • Featuring two color options: Sunset Red, the ideal companion for an evening paddle trip, and the best selling option in white.
  • Proudly hand built in Osceola, Wisconsin, USA, by a team of paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts.




Shaft Material:                100% Carbon, Ovalized
Blade Material:                abXII Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
Blade Size:                        7.5 x 18 in. (19 x 46 cm)
Blade Surface Area:         102.5 sq. in. (661 sq. cm)
Weight:                             31 oz. (879 g) 
Ferrule Angles:                 Infinite

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