Happy Seat Magnum Yellow

Happy Seat Magnum Yellow

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Introducing the new and improved Magnum Happy Seat—an inflatable bladder positioned under your legs, just in front of your existing seat. With kayak designs evolving, we've increased the Happy Seat's width and height to provide the perfect lift. The Happy Seat serves two key purposes: 1. Enhancing your boat control. 2. Offering added comfort by relieving pressure on your knees, hips, and buttocks.

Attaching the Happy Seat is a breeze. Simply use the included cord to secure the front to your floor support and the back with Velcro straps around your seat. If you own a Jackson Kayak, it's tailor-made for you! However, please note that the Happy Seat occupies space in your cockpit. Ensure it doesn't hinder your exit during emergencies. Always attach it securely with the provided cord before use. Only use it if you're confident you can exit the kayak swiftly if needed.

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