Creek Float

Creek Float

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Jackson Kayak's Creek Float is an awesome innovation in safety equipment for your creek boat.  It's designed to wrap around your rear center wall, inflate, and make your boat float significantly higher if you have an out-of-boat experience or take on water. Unlike all other float bags, these don't need to be tied into the kayak to remain securely in place, and they won't come out--even if you're swimming in pushy water. You only need one Creek Float per boat, as they are u-shaped and fill both the left and right sides of your stern. The Creek Float should work with all modern creek boats of any brand. Check out our Fun Floats for playboats, which are sized for a smaller kayak.
  • Remove Creek Float from the bag
  • Feed one side of the Creek Float all the way to the end of your stern until you can get it around the back of your stern's center wall. It may be necessary to remove your center wall to achieve this in some kayaks, but it's unusual. Make sure that the Creek Float isn't twisted and is centered around the wall. Be careful once you've got it around the rear wall to not pull so hard on the other side that you rip the bag.
  • Open the valve and inflate the Creek Float until it's tightly in place. Close the valve.
  • That's it! Go kayak and enjoy peace of mind from solid float bags.
The Creek Float is made from urethane-coated vinyl and should be strong, light, and dependable. Help out your would-be rescuers with an easier-to-manage boat!

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