Bonafide SKF117 Kayak in Steel
Bonafide SKF117 Kayak in Top Gun Grey
Bonafide SKF117 Kayak in Olive
SKF117 Kayak - OMTC
SKF117 Kayak - OMTC
SKF117 Kayak - OMTC
SKF117 Kayak - OMTC
SKF117 Kayak - OMTC
SKF117 Kayak - OMTC
SKF117 Kayak - OMTC
SKF117 Kayak - OMTC

SKF117 Kayak

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We set out to make this hybrid standup/sitdown fishing kayak the best one yet with a versatile fishing vessel that can take you from sight fishing on the marsh to paddling with the family on the lake.

The 2024 Bonafide SKF117 Kayak is a one-of-a-kind hybrid craft bringing together ultimate performance with comfort at any skill level for an all around better time on the water from fishing to playing. Say hello to your new favorite fishing companion and paddle with confidence with the SKF117. This salt flats Skiff inspired design will take you from mangroves to lakes to rivers.

Bonafide has packed the SKF117 with features designed to give you a better fishing experience, from skeg to hull and everything in between. With our spring-loaded skeg system, you control how your kayak moves, allowing you to get the most out of your vessel no matter the waterways you're fishing. 

Bonafide's unique hull design blends the stability and efficiency of a catamaran with the maneuverability of a traditional paddleboard to give you greater control, and confidence, on the water.

But we didn't stop there. The SKF117 is designed to be highly customizable, with tons of opportunities to rig your vessel just the way you want it. The SKF117 is also Bonafide Sidekick compatible. NO MATTER WHERE YOU FISH OR HOW, WITH THE SKF117 ON YOUR SIDE, YOU JUST CAN'T MISS.


    Storage and Stability


    Crate Size:                                  16" x 16" Backpack

    Cooler Size - Stern:                     19.5" x 14" or 13.7" x 20"

    Cooler Size - at Seat:                  13.7" x 20" (Yeti Tundra 35)

    Standing Space - Midship:           32" x 20" | Deck: 15" x 15"



    BIG Adventures, LLC (DBA Liquidlogic Kayaks, Native Watercraft, Bonafide Kayaks) warrants that each kayak we produce, including all components thereof (collectively, the “Products”), shall be free from faulty workmanship and defective materials. Kayak hulls are sold with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY for the original retail customer against manufacturing defects. Kayak hulls are sold with a 5 year warranty (“Warranty period”) against normal wear and tear as determined by the BIG Adventures Warranty team for the original retail customer with the exception of whitewater kayaks, which are sold with a one (1) year warranty. Kayak Components are warrantied for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase. This warranty also applies to Grade 2 (G2 / cosmetically blemished) kayaks sold to the original retail customer.

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