Saluda 11 Kayak
Saluda 11 Kayak
Saluda 11 Kayak
Liquidlogic Saluda 11 Kayak in Venom
Liquidlogic Saluda 11 Kayak in Shark Blue
Liquidlogic Saluda 11 Kayak in Orange

Saluda 11 Kayak

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When we started Liquidlogic our first recreational kayak was called the Saluda and was a progressive departure from typical cookie cutter kayaks.

The Saluda river begins its journey at the base of the majestic blue ridge mountains and rambles its way through the foothills of the Carolinas. Kayaking the Saluda is the perfect experience of quiet and peaceful adventure which is why we named our first recreational kayak the Saluda 20 years ago. We broke tradition with that design making it progressive in comfort and performance and stability. Today we have re-imagined that legacy with the all new 2023 Saluda series. This 11 foot sit inside recreational kayak will be very forgiving for entry level paddlers and a ton of fun for experienced paddlers as well. Paddlers will instantly feel the stability, comfort and tracking of this kayak on the water. The Saluda 11 features all-day comfortable frame seating that is hand sewn in Fletcher, NC USA and a super convenient Gearstash console. The console contains a storage area for your phone or keys, recessed storage and a gear track for easy accessory mounting of a GPS or fishing rod holder. Moving back the hand-sewn seating is placed on seat bases that contain water bottle and gear storage. The stern area of the kayak has a hatch cover that can open in both directions with significant storage space underneath. There are many other features to explore on the Saluda but one of our favorite features is that this kayak is made in Fletcher, North Carolina USA.

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