Hangtime 11 Kayak - OMTC
Hangtime 11 Kayak - OMTC
Hangtime 11 Kayak - OMTC
Hangtime 11 Kayak - OMTC

Hangtime 11 Kayak

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The Hangtime 11.0 kayak offers a laid-back, and fun on-water experience for you and your friends.
Its unique design is completely focused on making the most of the experience once you arrive at your destination. A reclining seat back with a padded headrest and a large deck area offers a comfortable and roomy place to stretch out and enjoy company and conversation. With multiple well-located drink holders and a padded lounge seat at the stern, the Hangtime 11.0 is the centerpiece of a memorable experience.

Laid-back Design
The Hangtime's unique design combines benefits for the journey and for the destination. Delivering highly-efficient tracking performance when paddling and a fun, comfortable and relaxing experience on the water with family and friends.




Length:         10' 10"

Width:           33"

Weight:         67.5 lbs.

Capacity:      350 lbs.


Staff Review




Reviewer:  Diane Jenkins

This boat should be renamed "The Ozarks Ultimate Lazy Day Kayak". 

First of all, it is the first kayak with a recliner as a seat.  Yes, a recliner.  The seat itself reclines, PLUS they have added the first ever headrest to a kayak seat.  That alone would make this a really cool kayak.  But fortunately, they didn't stop there.  They also added a seat deck at the back for dangling your legs in the cool water.  The back deck comes with two cupholders, and to make sure you're comfortable back there, they designed the headrest to flip over so it can be used by the backseat as well (very cool!).

It also comes with seven cupholders (2 in the back), ample storage, non-slip deck pads, a paddle holder, and easy grips for carrying. 

But how does it paddle? 

The Hangtime kayak is designed with a pontoon style hull.  This gives it that great stability.  But it also has a nice V in the center keel that provides very nice forward, straight-line paddling.  The pontoon style hull makes it a bit less maneuverable than a smooth bottom boat, but I didn't find it cumbersome at all. 

I found the seating very comfortable, whether you're sitting in the front seat or back lounge area.  And the headrest ... oh yeah, it works.

 I do want to point out the Hangtime has molded-in footrests instead of mounted foot pegs.  Personally, I prefer foot pegs, so I have to take a few points off for that.  It's not that molded-in are bad, but they don't comfortably fit 100% of the people.  So, I encourage you to sit in one first to make sure you find it comfortable for a day on the water.  

And the Price?
I was so glad they came in under $1,000.  Considering all of the features, the quality of a Perception kayak, and how well this paddles, at $959, I rate this an exceptional value. 

So for those of you who love lazy, relaxing float trips with friends, I don't think they make them any better.  This kayak is well balanced, easy to maneuver, and so stable you can stand up on it.
Perception's Hangtime 11 kayak:  The ultimate relaxing float trip kayak.  Check it out!

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