Pescador Pro 12 - 2022 - Grasshopper

Pescador Pro 12 - 2022 - Grasshopper

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Pescador Pro 120

The Perception Pescador Pro 120, brand-new for the 2016 season, is a specialized, versatile, and high-value fishing kayak sprung from the venerable Perception design lab—the same one that, decades ago, introduced plastic ‘yaks to the market. It’s informed by the classic Pescador mold, but the Pro 120 has been completely redesigned with the needs of the modern paddle angler—and to take advantage of the latest and best in fishing-kayak technology.

A Strong, Sturdy, All-Around Fishing ‘Yak

The Perception Pescador Pro 120 is a topnotch performance sit-on-top ‘yak that deftly weds speed and maneuverability with some standout stability. The widened 32.5-inch beam and heavy-duty sidewalls mean the Pro 120 provides a firm and well-braced platform when you’re actively plying the waters, while the straight-tracking keel steps up to the plate in a big way when you’re paddling to and from your casting waters. It’s pretty amazing how nicely this broad-beamed SOT craft, suitable even for standup fishing, tracks. Given its all-around capability, the Pescador Pro 120 can adapt to many a waterway—from riffled rivers and twisty swamp channels to sheltered bays, inlets, and sounds.

And it’s a tough bugger in more ways than one: Perception’s tried-and-true single-piece, roto-molded polyethylene construction ensures a strong and durable yet lightweight vessel that’s resistant to UV damage, abrasion, and the inevitable odd impact. A dedicated kayak angler needs a boat that can stand some rough treatment: bumping across pebbly bars or deadwood-strewn depths, dragging through stiff marsh grass en route to some secluded put-in, withstanding many years’ worth of sun- and rain-blasted fishing hours. The Perception Pescador Pro 120 is up for the challenge.

Sitting Pretty: The Pro Seat

One of the signal features of the new-and-improved Pescador is the stadium-style high-low Pro Seat. This cozy, ergonomically designed throne can toggle between upright and reclined positions and shift fore and aft courtesy of its sliding-track attachment—or you can remove it altogether for a recessed, low-profile seat option. Whether you’re paddling long-distance to reach some remote bass-swarmed backwater or you’re just lazing about with your line in the water, the Pro Seat’s comfy enough for a full day of fishing—especially given it’s paired with adjustable Keepers foot braces. Kayakers of any size and shape can settle in happily to the Perception Pescador Pro 120.

More Fisher-Friendly Features

Tracking down your elusive quarry, meantime, is made easy when you equip the Pro 120’s convenient center console with a fish-finder and take advantage of the transducer scupper—no drilling necessary. And when it comes to stowing equipment and additional rigging up, the Pescador Pro 120 really delivers. It comes with molded-in rod holders, a centrally located tackle-box stowaway space, and tank wells in both the bow and stern—the forward one covered in mesh and the rear one strapped by bungee. Meanwhile the gunwales come with accessory track recesses all set for the YakAttack GearTrac system, giving you the means of hassle-free mounting of extra gear—including additional trolling-rod holders, for which the heavy-duty GearTrac is well suited.

Other Elements

The Pescador Pro 120 has little comfort-and-convenience features scattered from bow to stern—the kind of small-scale details that any angler appreciates once he or she’s logged enough hours out on the water. You can’t beat, for instance, the molded-in cupholder or the elegantly simple paddle park for quickly dedicating both hands to manning that rod-and-reel.

Loading- and transport-wise, the Pescador Pro 120’s “Comfort Carry” handles are well named, and the skid plate on the rear hull buffers it when the kayak’s being dragged.

Specs & Colors

Thirty-two-and-a-half inches in width, the Pescador Pro 120 is 12 feet long and weighs a mere 64 pounds despite its exceptionally resilient makeup. The kayak’s offered in Sunset, Moss Camo, Red Tiger Camo, and Sea Spray colors.

The Perception Pescador Pro 120 kayak thoroughly reworks and revamps the original Pescador setup for a more focused performance as an angling vessel. That one-piece, roto-molded plastic framework ensures it’s the kind of boat you’ll be using for years. With its sharp-tracking but rock-steady design, it’s suitable for a broad range of fishing waters, and the ergonomic Pro Seat and foot braces can accommodate any paddler. The increased beam and volume of this reconfigured Pescador translates to more storage space for the ‘yak angler, and the electronics-ready console and transducer scupper give that angler the option of rigging the Pro 120 with advanced fish-finding technology.

Take it for a spin on the river or the cove, and see if you don’t fall head-over-heels for this thoroughly 21st-century sit-on-top.

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