Knarr - Red Dawn - 2022 (Limited Edition)
Knarr - Red Dawn - 2022 (Limited Edition)

Knarr - Red Dawn - 2022 (Limited Edition)

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Jackson Kayak has created a specialized fishing platform, the Knarr FD, to tackle the ever-changing conditions of oceans and large lakes. This kayak is specifically designed to be resilient in the face of choppy surf, powerful currents, gusty wind, and other harsh environmental factors.


Capacity:475 lbs
Total Weight:140 lbs



  • Our new Flex Drive Mark IV is the product of four years of constant evolution. The latest version of our amazing Flex Drive is faster, quieter and more durable than ever before. Learn more about the Flex Drive Mark IV here >> User Manual for Flex Drive Mark IV (includes Knarr steering cable routing) >> Explore the new Mark IV Drive, here >>
  • New steering improves turning in any condition. Simple, one or two handed operation turns easily in big waves or tight spots. Learn more about steering system adjustments here >>
  • Tall gunnels provide protected gear storage for rods and gear. The new ‘yard sale proof’ rod management system is capable of securing 6 rods inside the kayak’s gunnels, keeping them safe through launching, landing or when not in use.
  • Jackson’s new TriTrak factory installed around the entirety of the boat, providing almost unlimited gearing solutions. Using the channels in the TriTrack, installing electronics and hiding the cables out of the way is a breeze.
  • The bow and stern is designed with trolling and electric motor installation in mind. This is due to an adaptable four bolt pattern on the stern and a flattened, mountable area on the bow along with geometry to add foot controlled steering.
  • Jackson’s new EZ Hi-lo seating system takes comfort to new levels and allows you to raise and lower your seat with one hand. Learn more here >>

Tony Lee crafted the Knarr hull with the advice of elite big water and tournament anglers, resulting in a highly efficient pedal kayak optimized for speed, stability, maneuverability in surf, and directional tracking in all weather/water conditions. The Knarr in combination with the FD Mark IV is our most capable pedal kayak to-date.


The Knarr is the ultimate kayak for everything BIG. Designed with big oceans, large lakes and long distance travel at its core. The hull is shaped specifically to handle big surf, big waves, big currents, and strong winds. The Knarr was built to handle all that big water will throw at it.

For the tournament angler or gear-head, the Knarr features a whole new look at electronics, tackle and gear management, bringing a fresh approach to deck organization on a fishing kayak.

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