About Us

For almost 20 years we've been a family owned business, started by brothers Larry and Bruce, along with Bruce's wife Diane.

OUR MISSION is to create a customer experience that cannot be matched by competing companies and results in not just “satisfied customers”, but “raving fans”.
For us, the customer experience includes:
(1) the level of service and attention you receive from our staff,
(2) offering the largest product selection you can't find anywhere else,
(3) ensuring you select the best product to meet your needs,
(4) offering that product at a fair price, and
(5) standing behind everything we do.
We have amazing customers and they deserve an amazing experience.

OUR INVENTORY is one of the largest inventories you'll find of canoes, kayaks, and paddling gear in the area. Everything you need to have fun on the water.
We carry only top quality brands including Wilderness Systems, Jackson Kayak, Hobie, Bonafide, Perception, Native, Nucanoe, Dagger, Mad River, We-no-nah*, Liquidlogic, BOTE, Advanced Elements, Hala and AIRE. We are committed to making sure you find the right kayak or canoe to fit your needs.
We also offer a full line of paddling gear including life jackets, paddles, kayak fishing gear, rack systems and trailers from top brands such as Yakima, Bending Branches, Aqua Bound, Harmony, YakAttack, Hobie, NRS, Stohlquist, Orion Coolers, and Suspenz, just to name a few.
OUR WAY OF DOING THINGS is a little different than others.  Our goal is for you to have such a great experience buying from OMTC that you will send your friends and continue to come back to see us.
If you are a first time buyer we will make you feel right at home and will take the time to make sure you are getting the right kayak or canoe for your needs and interests. Once we help you find the right boat, we can also help you get started with the right paddle, life jacket, and gear.
We can also help you drive off with your boat(s) with Yakima rack systems, kayak stackers, or trailers. Or the old fashioned, but still works just fine, method of straps and pads.
Trade in what you don't like for what you do. Have an old canoe or kayak that you'd like to replace? We are happy to quote you a price on any canoe or kayak that you'd like to trade in (in store only). We always have customers looking for used canoes or kayaks.
Interested in a used canoe or kayak? Our used boat inventory changes daily. If you are interested in a used boat give us a call, or check out our Facebook page for information on what we have on hand.
By the Way...we love what we do!  We got into this business because we love to float rivers, tour lakes and fish.  We personally demo every new model that arrives so we can describe how it handles. It's all about having fun in and on the water. Let us help you get started.
OUR HISTORY started in
  • 2004, when brothers Larry and Bruce Jenkins decided to try to sell Buffalo canoes out of Larry’s RV sales and service store.  Bruce’s wife Diane liked the idea so much she donated her 1968 Mercury Cougar to fund the endeavor.  The proceeds from the sale of her beloved Cougar created the seed money for what the brothers thought would always be just a fun hobby selling canoes.
  • But then, in 2005, they fell in love with kayaks and believed others would too.  They reached out to Perception and talked them into allowing them to become a dealer.  They were a bit shocked when they actually said yes, so they immediately drove to Memphis to pick up their first 13 Perception kayaks before they changed their minds.
  • By 2008, the canoe and kayak sales had grown and allowed the brothers to leave the RV sales and service business behind and focus 100% of their efforts on the paddlesports business.
  • In 2012, OMTC opened up its second store just North in Ozark, Missouri.  The store exceeded all expectations.
  • In 2014 they opened up their third store in Cotter, Arkansas.
  • In 2017, a fourth store in Conway, AR located just outside of Little Rock, AR; and then,
  • In 2022, we opened our fifth store in Siloam Springs, AR