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OMTC Pro Staff - Angler Profiles

| Bio | November 21, 2017

Jackie Wright - Wilderness Systems

Jackie Wright | Rogers, Arkansas

Kayak of Choice | Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K.

Paddle of choice | Oracle paddle 240

PFD of choice | Auto inflate PFD

Favorite body of water | Lincoln lake because it is chocked-full a big bass

Rod | Reel | Line | Lews bait casters Shimano spinning reels all rigged on Arkee rods. I fish mono on my bait casters and fluorocarbon on my spinning reels

Go to lure / technique | My favorite bait would have to be a crank bait and second to that I really like fishing a Shakey head

Why kayak fishing | I got into kayak fishing about six or seven years ago and just really love the solitude and be able to get into places that bass boat can't get and being able to put in wherever I like.

Chris Connors - Jackson Kayaks
Chris Connors
 | Garfield, Arkansas

Kayak of choice | Jackson Coosa

Paddle of choice | Bending Branches Angler Ace

PFD of choice | Stohlquist Keeper

Favorite body of water | Big Sugar Creek- Big Sugar Creek is a beautiful fishery that is chock full of small mouth. Due to there being few people that know about this amazing waterway you very rarely run into anyone else on your float

Rod | Reel | LineArkee Rods, Lews Reels, Seagaur Line. I use 8-pound test for spinning reels in a 5.1:1 and 15-pound for baitcasters in 6.4:1 gear ratio. 

Go to lure / technique | Spot Remover Shakey Head in Watermelon Red or Green Pumpkin. White 1/2oz. spinnerbait with a gold willow blade and silver Colorado blade.

Why kayak fishing | There is a strong community surrounding the sport of kayak fishing. Anyone new or experienced can feel like they belong.

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Ryan Walker | Republic, Missouri

Kayak of choice | Wilderness Systems ( A.T.A.K. 120)

Paddle of choice | Aqua-Bound

PFD of choice | Mustang

Favorite body of water | 1. James River 1a. Osage Fork

Rod | Reel | Line | Spinning-Ardent Wire 1000 or CForce 1000/Ardent Edge 6'9ML/Gliss 18 FlyRod-Sage Method 9' 5wt for small streams and smaller flies/Redington Predator 9' 7wt for big water-Lamson Reels (specifically the ULA and Speedster)

Go to lure / technique | 80% of my fishing is with a fly rod, so streamers and crawfish/hellgrammite patterns. For spinning my go-to is the Ned Rig-2.5" Z-Man in Green Pumpkin or Mud Minnow and spy baits.

Why kayak fishing | The ability to reach waters unavailable to wading or bigger boats. The quiet and solitude of floating an Ozarks river. Stealth for wary fish.

Todd Cartwright - Wilderness Systems
Todd Cartwright |
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Kayak of choice | Wilderness Systems ATAK 120

Paddle of choice | Aqua Bound Manta Ray 2 piece carbon with Posi-Lok ferrule

PFD of choice | Stohlquist fisherman

Favorite body of water | Lincoln Lake

Rod | Reel | Line | spinning: Shimano Stradic with 6'8"  med/hvy Duckett white ice. Bait cast: Lews Tournament MB with 7'  med Abu Garcia Veritas on Suffix mono and fluorocarbon 

Go to lure / technique | Dead sticking a Hawg Hooker Custom  paddle tail swim bait weightless or on a  shakey head

Why kayak fishing | I grew up fishing smallmouth in the cold rivers of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  At 7 years old I started fishing from a 12 foot canoe with my brother.  We were given free reign to take that boat anywhere we could manage to get it to. And that's what we did.  We fished for several years exclusively from that canoe until my parents bought 18' sea kayaks. Those kayaks opened my eyes to a whole new world of fishing independently. Shortly after that I saved enough money and got a kayak of my own and have been kayak fishing for 27 years now.

Nick Wright - Native

Nick Wright | Fayetteville, Arkansas

Kayak of Choice | Native Slayer Propel 10 for smaller bodies of water, Slayer Propel 13 for lakes equiped with a Power-Pole, Native under seat organizer, Native seat backpack, BlackPak, and a Lowrance Elite 5 TI

Paddle of Choice Aqua Bound Manta Ray Carbon

PFD of Choice | NRS Chinook in moving bodies of water and a Mustang inflatable for lakes

Favorite body of water | Lincoln Lake - Great crank bait lake that produces some trophies

Rod | Reel | Line | Berkley Emotion rods, Ardent and Shimano Spinning Reels, Berkeley Vanish Fluorocarbon and Power Pro Braid

Go to lure / technique | Skirmish M9 Square Bill

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Jason Adams |
Bentonville, Arkansas

Kayak of Choice | Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 - Camo Edition or Hobie i11s for river

Electronics | Lowrance HDS Live with Point 1 GPS

Must have on every boat | Hobie H-Crate and Yak Attack VisiCarbon Light

Favorite body of water | I've got a new favorite lake this year - Bull Shoals. This lake was on the list for the 2018 Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Trail in April.  The conditions were sub par with a winter storm that blew in just before the tournament started.  It was so cold my line froze to the guides mid cast. But the fish didnt mind the cold because they were chomping a squarebill crankbait.  Caught my person best smallmouth bass and won my first national trail event with 89.25".  That was my best day of tournament fishing and why my new favorite lake is Bull Shoals.

Go to lure / technique | Crank baits are quickly becoming my go to. They work year round. For years jigs and soft plastics have been my first choice and are still part of the arsonal. The ned rig has put some huge limits of bass in the boat in 2018 and is one of my favorite lures for SWEPCO lake.

Why kayak fishing | The kayak has provided a way for me to get off the bank. I really like to explore and go places people think is too far to be out in a kayak.

Instagram | @jRADams

Charlie Bond - Jackson Kayaks
Charlie Bond |
 Rogers, Arkansas

Kayak of Choice | Jackson Mayfly

Paddle of Choice | Aqua-Bound Manta Ray

PFD of Choice | NRS Chinook

Favorite body of water | Elk River in Missouri

Rod | Reel | Line | Arkee Rods, Shimano reels with 10lb Camo Mono

Go to lure / technique | Texas rigged worms - black with a blue tail

Why kayak fishing | Since I bought my first kayak I learned that I have less worries, “Is the plug in? Is the motor going to start?” Kayak fishing gives me the freedom to not have these worries and also all the places I can go! I can put a kayak in less than 4″ of water and not get stuck, which affords me the opportunity to get in there and catch the big one.

Ben Morton - NativeBen Morton | Springdale, Arkansas

Paddle of Choice | Bending Branches Angler Pro

PFD of Choice | Astral V-Eight

Favorite body of water | I love fishing anybody of water time allows, but at heart I enjoy shallow winding rivers most.

Rod | Reel | Line |  Shimano and IRod rods, Shimano baitcasters and spinning reels, Prower Pro braid, Seagar fluorocarbon, Trilene monofilament.

Go to lure / technique | Reaction baits and hardbody swimbaits.

Why kayak fishing | The experience of fishing from a kayak is something unlike anything else in fishing. I can go anywhere. Whether it’s a pond, creek, lake, or the ocean nothing is off limits. I just have to supply the power to get there which also provides a challenge that adds a whole new aspect that you can’t get in a bass boat. All together it adds up to make a fishing experience unlike any other.

Chris Ritchie - Jackson Kayaks

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Vinny Seidler | Branson, MissouriKayak of Choice | BOTE ZEPPELIN, Mad River Tahoe

Paddle of Choice | Bending Branches Axe

PFD of Choice | Astral

Favorite body of water | Gasconade & James River, Stockton Lake

Rod | Reel | Line |  Lamiglas XP Bass, Ardent Wire, Seagar Fluorocarbon
FLY: St.Croix, Lamson, Seagar Fluorocarbon

Go to lure / technique | SOLID Tackle HULARokkr Jig with ZMAN HulastickZ trailer in PBJ FLY: Wiggle Minnow, Morrish Mouse

Why kayak Fishing-  A kayak, canoe or SUP is intimate with nature. I came to realize this early from floating streams in rented canoes as a child. Fishing for Pumpkinseeds or Goggle-eye and camping with my dad and brothers was the gateway to a love affair with fish, animals and the outdoors. My passion for the water has only grown and I will continue to help others become stewards of our most precious natural resource.

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Shawn Willock | Aurora, Missouri

Kayak of Choice | Nucanoe

Paddle of Choice | Bending Branches - Angler Pro 350cm

PFD of Choice | Stohlquist Keeper

Favorite body of water | James River - Flat Creek

Rod | Reel | Line | Ardents Spin cast C-force

Go to lure | Crank baits (all sizes)Deep drivers to Rattle Traps. Banging the bottom with the 25 footers.

Why Kayak fishing |
Kayakers have a better connection with the water. It's a close nit family of people who love fishing, kayaking, and adventure. You're able to load up at a moments notice and hit the water. Fishing areas that bigger boats can't get to, and waders do want to try. Challenging yourself daily on each and every outing to improve your skills and share our passion with others in the outdoors.

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Ted Geier | Yellville, Arkansas

Kayak of Choice | Jackson Mayfly

Paddle of Choice | Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon 250cm

PFD of Choice | Stholquist Keeper

Favorite body of water | White River below Bull Shoals Dam

Rod | Reel | Line |  Scott, G. Loomis, St. Croix 4wt and 6wt Fly Rods/Ross Reels and mostly clear intermediate sink line

Go to lure / technique | I'm a streamer stripper almost always. Usually sculpin patterns for trout and Wooley Buggers for smallies.

Why kayak fishing | I have been kayak fly fishing for the last 25 years, mostly on the Texas flats. I like the quiet solitude of the kayak. I spend most of my time trout fishing now and the combination of the fly rod and the kayak make every fish seem special. The stealth and ability to get to hard to reach places are unequaled by any other watercraft. It's the only way to fish.

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Jamie Burks | Southwest, Missouri

Kayak of Choice | Jackson Kilroy

Paddle of Choice | Bending Branches Angler Pro

PFD of Choice | Stholquist Fisherman

Favorite body of water | Current River and James River

Rod | Reel | Line |  St. Croix Avid, spinning-Mitchel Pro, baitcast-Lews BB1, line changes with reels or species of fish but mostly Flourocarbon for spinning, mono for baitcast Spinnerbait from Misfit fishing.

Go to lure / technique | Soft plastics are my go to baits.

Why kayak fishing | Although I enjoy an occasional romp around the lake in a bass boat, the quiet solitude and intimacy with nature I get from kayak fishing can’t be beat. Kayak fishing allows me the freedom to load up and hit literally any body of water I want; lake, river, creek, pond, ocean, it doesn’t matter. For me kayak fishing isn’t simply a hobby, it’s where I can wind down and relax, hang out with friends, be alone, enjoy nature, spend time with God, no it’s more than a hobby; it’s a way of life.

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